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Task Factory Connection Managers


Once Task Factory is installed, you have access to new Connection Managers. The Connection Manager component stores the settings for a connection that’s used within your package and creates the connection during the package runtime. They store your ConnectionString to your component and can be used in multiple packages.

Available Connection Managers

The following Connection Managers are available in Task Factory:

Note:  If you do not see these options in Visual Studio, refer to the Installing Task Factory article for a troubleshooting checklist.

Creating a New Connection Manager

Add a new Connection Manager by completing the following process:

  1. Open SQL Server Data Tools or BIDS. Select Project > New Connection Managerto open the Add SSIS Connection Manager window.Task Factory New Connection Manager
    Note:  The Add SSIS Connection Manager window opens with all available connection managers. A description of Connection manager for Task Factory denotes the Task Factory connection managers.

    Task Factory Connection Manager denotation

  2. Select the desired Connection Manager, and then select Add to configure that Connection ManagerTask Factory SSIS Connection Manager window
  3. Complete the settings and configuration options for the selected Connection Manager type (and Test Connection if applicable), then select OKTask Factory Dynamics CRM Connection Manager example

    Success: The Connection Manager is added. You can now use your Connection Manager in tasks.

What's next?

Once a task from the SSIS Toolbox is added to your project, you can right-click it to access the context menu options:Task Factory Secure FTP Task context menu options

For example, select Edit to configure the properties of a Secure FTP Task. This allows you to set the associated Connection Manager:

Task Factory Secure FTP Task SFTP Connection Manager option

Note:  The drop-down menu also has an option for adding new Connection Managers.