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Monitoring server configurations is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced and is also available in a standalone module, Server Configuration Monitor (SCM). Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced and SCM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Get Started with Server Configuration Monitor

This guide picks up right after the Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) installation process and walks you through the first steps you need to take to monitor your server configurations. If you prefer, you can view this guide as a PDF.

If you haven't installed SCM yet, start with the SolarWinds Installer.

Who this guide is for

New SCM users

Existing SCM users

This guide is meant for you and is the best place to start with SCM.

You'll find more advanced information in the SCM Admin Guide.

Or if you're looking for tips on how to upgrade to SCM 2024.1.1, see the SCM Upgrade Guide.

What's in this guide

Log into the SolarWinds Platform Web Console to use and manage SCM - An introduction to logging into the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, which you'll use to do everything in SCM.

Add a node to SCM - The first step to start monitoring with SCM.

Assign configuration profiles, compare your first changes, and set baselines so you can get the most out of SCM.

Once you have the basics, check out the Server Configuration Monitor Administrator Guide to learn about more advanced functionality.

Have a question? Check out the Server Configuration Monitor product forum in the SolarWinds online IT community, THWACK, and find more information in the SolarWinds Success Center.

Get started with SCM, step by step