Documentation forEnterprise Operations Console
Unified data management across your enterprise is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability Enterprise Scale and is also available in a standalone module, Enterprise Operations Console (EOC). Hybrid Cloud Observability Enterprise Scale and EOC are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Import reports from SolarWinds Sites to EOC

You can import web-based reports from a SolarWinds Site into EOC. For information about reports that cannot be imported, see Unsupported reports.

  1. Click Reports > All Reports.
  2. Click Manage Reports in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click Export/Import > Import from SolarWinds Site.

    The Export Report and Import Report options can be used to share custom reports between SolarWinds Sites. However, you cannot export an EOC report and import it to a SolarWinds Site.

  4. Select a SolarWinds Site.
  5. Expand the Please select Reports section at the bottom of the window, and select one or more reports.

    Use the Search box to display only reports whose title includes the search string.

  6. Click Import.

    If a report has the same name as an existing report, the Resolve Duplicates dialog box opens. Select the Original, New, or Both and click Continue.

    The imported reports are listed in the Report Manager.

By default, the reports include data from all SolarWinds Sites. You can edit a report to specify which sites to include.

Unsupported reports

EOC cannot import the following reports.

  • Reports created in the legacy Report Writer
  • Reports based on custom SQL or SWQL

To be imported into EOC, these reports must be rewritten as web-based reports that do not use custom SQL or SWQL. To be imported into EOC, reports must have a selection method of Specific Objects or Dynamic Query Builder.

When you import a report, unsupported reports are not shown in the list of reports you can select to import.