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Global and local custom properties in EOC

You can manage both Local site custom properties or a Global custom properties from the EOC custom property manager (CPM).

  • Global property: a property that is created by an EOC instance, and not by a remote SolarWinds site.

    Multiple Global entities may exist. Global entities are consolidated individual EOC instances. CPM displays "Global" as the Source of the property.

  • Local property: a property that is directly created on and stored by a remote SolarWinds site.

    CPM displays the remote site IP address the Local property was created on as the Source of the property.

Local custom properties with the same attributes can individually exist across several remote SolarWinds sites. EOC allows you to select multiple Local properties with identical attributes and consolidate these properties into a single Global property.

In EOC 2020.2.4 and earlier, global properties cannot be created or stored in EOC. When a property is created from the Custom Properties Manager in EOC, they are pushed from EOC and stored the remote sites selected during configuration. EOC tracks and reads only the source of a custom property, whether that is Global or Local.