Documentation forEnterprise Operations Console
Unified data management across your enterprise is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability Enterprise Scale and is also available in a standalone module, Enterprise Operations Console (EOC). Hybrid Cloud Observability Enterprise Scale and EOC are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Log in to EOC for the first time

  1. Launch the SolarWinds Platform Web Console by going to Start > All programs > 
    SolarWindsSolarWinds Platform Web Console.
  2. Enter the default user name Admin, and set up a password to use.

    For security, SolarWinds recommends that you change the password.

  3. Click Login.

The first time you log in to Enterprise Operations Console, the Discovery Central page opens. Click Manage SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC Sites to begin adding sites, or click Go to SolarWinds Platform Home to open the Enterprise Environment Summary view.

When you are logged on to the SolarWinds Platform Web Console as an administrator, the Settings > All Settings option is available in the navigation bar. Use this option to manage EOC user accounts and SolarWinds Sites, and to customize the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.