Documentation forEnterprise Operations Console
Unified data management across your enterprise is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability Enterprise Scale and is also available in a standalone module, Enterprise Operations Console (EOC). Hybrid Cloud Observability Enterprise Scale and EOC are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Environment Summary resource

The Environment Summary widget aggregates information from your monitored sites. You can customize this widget to display the summary data that is most important to you.

By default, the Environment Summary widget displays each type of entity monitored at any active SolarWinds Site. An entity is any monitored item such as a node, a storage device, or an application. The widget displays the following information aggregated from across all monitored sites. Use this information to identify critical issues and then drill though for more information.

Click any link in the widget to display the associated list of entities or messages in the Asset Explorer:

  • Click the number in the upper-right corner to see a list of all entities represented by this tile.
  • Click the number next to a status symbol to see a list of entities in that status.
  • Click an alert to see a list of alerts of that type.