Documentation forEnterprise Operations Console
Unified data management across your enterprise is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability Enterprise Scale and is also available in a standalone module, Enterprise Operations Console (EOC). Hybrid Cloud Observability Enterprise Scale and EOC are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

SolarWinds Site credentials in EOC

To monitor a SolarWinds Site, EOC requires the following credentials:

  • Administrator credentials allow EOC to connect to the site.
  • User credentials determine what data each EOC account can view. These credentials are also used if you enable automatic logins.

Administrator credentials

When you add a SolarWinds site, you must enter the user name and password of an account with administrator privileges on the SolarWinds Site. EOC uses these credentials to connect to the site and collect information.

Accounts with administrator privileges are leveraged in order to add a site to EOC. This allows EOC to generate a "system account," establish a connection between EOC and the remote site, and maintain a channel of communication. The system account is not visible from the remote site UI and its credentials are encrypted and stored in the EOC database.

Additional EOC user accounts configured for access to the new site will utilize this connection. If a user's account has custom credentials, the system account will impersonate the user in order to allow SWIS to apply settings and limitations according to the user's account access rights.

User credentials

Each EOC user or group account must be associated with the credentials of an account that can access the SolarWinds Site. The privileges granted to this account determine what site data the user or group members can access in EOC.

Use the following options to associate SolarWinds Site user credentials with EOC accounts:

Create a user account using pass-through authentication credentials.

When you add or edit a SolarWinds Site, choose the Use Pass-through Authentication option to connect to a remote SolarWinds site using a SolarWinds Platform, AD, AD Group, or SAML account.

EOC users see data from remote SolarWinds sites according to the mapped user limitations of the account.

Use this option if:

  • You prefer group-based permissions management for multiple user accounts
  • You want to allow users to log in to EOC without the need to create or update individual passwords.

Create a default user account for the SolarWinds Site

When you add or edit a SolarWinds Site, choose Use a default user account option to specify a default user account. This account is used by default for all EOC users with access to the site.

Specify custom SolarWinds Site user credentials for an EOC account

When you define which SolarWinds Sites a user can access, you can specify the SolarWinds Site user account used to determine what data this EOC user can access.

Use this option if:

  • You did not establish a default user account for the site.
  • You want to associate this EOC account with an account that has different privileges than the default user account.

If an EOC account has access to a SolarWinds Site but is not associated with a SolarWinds Site user account, the Enterprise Summary view displays an error message and the user cannot access data from that site.