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SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper legal notices

This software includes code and libraries from:

Component Version License and Notices
JetBrains dotCover 2.6.1000.602 MIT License
log4net Apache 2.0
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0.5305.0 Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable EULA
Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.UnitTestFramework 10.0.0 Apache 2.0
Moq 4.0.10827 Apache 2.0
NUnit 3.9.0 NUnit License
NUnit NUnit License
Smart Thread Pool 2.0.0 Microsoft Public License
SQL Server Compact 3.5.1 Redistribution license agreement
SharpZipLib GNU General Public License with Classpath Exception
wpflocalization   Apache 2.0