Documentation forNetwork Topology Mapper

What are Hops?

Hops specify the number of devices that must be transverse to reach a target IP device. A zero hops discovery discovers all devices responding to the discovery protocols on the specified subnet or seed device, as well as any networks and subnets directly connected to devices on the target subnet. We recommend using a zero hop discovery.

A one hop discovery discovers all of the devices specified in the above zero hop discovery and all networks, subnets, and devices directly connected to all devices on the edge of the zero hops discovery.

Depending on the complexity of your network, discovering past zero hops has the potential to discover several times the number of subnets and hundreds of times the number of total devices. Discovering two hops or more has the potential of discovering thousands of subnets and devices.

Any discovery using more than zero hops may have a large impact on discovery performance.