Documentation forNetwork Topology Mapper

Open maps from earlier versions of NTM

To open a map from an earlier version of SolarWinds NTM, NTM first converts or updates the map. The map name is retained.

NTM 2.1 or earlier

In opening a map from NTM version 2.1 or before, NTM converts the map into a scan file.

In preparing to display the map for the new scan file, NTM consults the value of the parameter ForceAddOnlyNetworkDevices (Program Files\SolarWinds\Network Topology Mapper) to determine which and how many nodes to display. If the value is true, NTM behaves as it would in creating the default map for a new scan, displaying all switches and routers and only as many neighbor devices as can fit within the threshold set for NewScanNodeCountThreshold in SolarWinds.NTM.Client.exe.config (Program Files\SolarWinds\Network Topology Mapper).

Like other maps in NTM 2.2.1, a converted map is connected to its scan file, and you can create additional maps based on that same file.

NTM version 2.2

In opening a map from NTM version 2.1 or before, NTM asks if you want to update the scan/maps.

Selecting Yes updates the scan and associated maps to the latest file format and makes it usable in NTM 2.2.1. If you wanted to preserve a copy of the scan/maps, then you should copy and rename the file before opening it.

Selecting No maintains the scan file and associated maps in the format usable only in NTM 2.2.

NTM indicates that the scan file/maps were successfully updated and where to find the file.