Documentation forNetwork Topology Mapper

Enable FIPS for security

You can run your Network Topology Mapper product in FIPS-compliant (Federal Information Processing Standard) mode to comply with computer security and interoperability standards used by non-military US government agencies and contractors.

  • If FIPS compliance is required, SolarWinds recommends that you enable FIPS as part of a fresh install instead of as part of an upgrade.
  • Before you enable FIPS ensure that the hardware is FIPS-compliant. See the Microsoft Support knowledge base for more information.

You must choose to use FIPS-compliant polling methods, such as SNMPv3, to monitor and discover nodes.

FIPS-Compliant Methods for SNMPv3


Privacy or encryption AES128, AES192, AES256

NTM 2.0 and later versions use FIPS-compliant encryption to secure map data in native NTM map files.

  • If you use maps from earlier versions of NTM, you are prompted to change all SNMP v3 credentials that are not using FIPS compliant algorithms.
  • "Proxy maps" created in NTM or later and Network Atlas are not compatible with NTM running in FIPS mode. To use older maps, disable the FIPS requirement on the operating system.
  • If you change the FIPS requirement in your operating system, either by disabling or enabling FIPS, you must restart NTM.