Documentation forNetwork Topology Mapper

Map reports

NTM offers the following reports:

  • Inventory
  • Known Connections
  • Switch Ports
  • VLANs (includes VLAN IP Address)
  • STP
  • ARP Cache
  • Subnets
  • Scheduled Discoveries

Reports contain data specific to the selected category.

To run a report, click Reports > New Report, and then select the report you want to run.

Use the Search tool to find specific string patterns among the report data.

To remove columns from a report, click Options > Display Columns, and click the column you want to remove from the report.

To sort on any column, click the column header.

To apply the node display options used on the map, click Options > Apply map filters.

To export a report, generate the report and click Export to CSV. You can open the CSV data in MS Excel and combine the data with exported maps. See Export maps.