Documentation forNetwork Topology Mapper

Review discovery results

When discovery completes, SolarWinds NTM presents the results in a default map called Map1, on NTM automatically displays all discovered nodes.

By default, if NTM discovers fewer than 100 switches and routers, then it also shows the Network Segments and other nodes to which switches and routers are connected. For detailed information about Network Segments, see Open maps from earlier versions of NTM.

If NTM discovers 100 or more switches or routers, it omits Network Segment and other nodes from the default map. In this case, you can always reveal these other nodes by using the Neighbors feature. See Show and hide neighbors for details.

To change the maximum number of nodes—besides all the discovered switches and routers—that NTM should add to the default map, you can edit the value of the parameter NewScanNodeCountThreshold in SolarWinds.NTM.Client.exe.config (Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Network Topology Mapper). For example, if you set the value of NewScanNodeCountThreshold to 1000, NTM will display all switches and routers and, assuming there are fewer than 1000 of those devices, NTM will also display some number of their neighbors until the display count in the default map equals 1000.

In the left pane, based on the results displayed in Map1, use a pattern from Map Layouts to reorganize the distribution of nodes, Group By options under Discovered Nodes to highlight nodes in the map, Node Display Options and Connection Display Options to control what details regarding nodes and connections display in the map.