Documentation forNetwork Topology Mapper

Export maps

You can export maps as Visio, PNG, Network Atlas (SolarWinds Orion), PDF, or map (native NTM) files. When exporting to Network Atlas or NTM formats you will be prompted for a map password. Enter any password as an encryption key for that export.

NTM 2.1.1 exported maps work in NPM 10.6 but not 10.4.2.

To export a list of devices, use the inventory report. Click Report > New Report > Inventory Report. See Map reports.

In exporting from NTM, keep in mind that:

  • NTM exports data on nodes, interfaces, edges, and map styles and general map-making information.
  • NTM does not export credentials; accessing the exported data depends on credentials selected in Orion Platform.
  • An NTM multiple connection (that hides two or more edge connections) is displayed in Network Atlas as separate edge connections.
  • NTM "unidentified" objects are displayed as "unknown" in Network Atlas.
  • Network Atlas maps do not show differences between L2 and L3 connections between nodes.

In exporting maps from Network Atlas, keep in mind that:

  • Only Network Atlas "node" objects are exported.
  • Only Network Atlas edges are exported; labels and custom objects are not exported.

Export an NTM Map into Network Atlas

  1. Create a map in Network Topology Mapper.

    See Discover devices and topologies for details on discovery and map creation.

  2. Click File > Export > Network Atlas > Export as a map.
  3. In saving the exported file, set a password as needed.
  4. Open Network Atlas, and then open the exported map, providing the file password as needed.
  5. If you want to discover nodes and add them into the Orion platform database, select 'Yes'.
  6. If you do not want to discover nodes, select 'No'.
  7. Customize the map as needed. For example, change the default graphics, text formatting, or map layout.
  8. Name the imported map and click OK to save it.
  9. Open Network Performance Monitor.
  10. Click Edit on the Network Map resource.
  11. Select the imported map from the list and click Submit.

Export a map from Network Atlas to NTM

  1. Create a map in Network Atlas.
  2. Click Atlas > Export > Export to NTM.
  3. Save the map and set a password on the file as needed.