Documentation forNetwork Topology Mapper

Uninstall NTM

Uninstalling products may require uninstalling files and editing registries. For technical assistance, contact Support.

You may need to uninstall NTM to reinstall for resolving issues or to move to a new server during a migration.

Prior to uninstalling, SolarWinds recommends the following preparation:

Backup product folders

Create copies and backups of your product folders. You may have customizations in these folders specific to your installations.

Make a backup of your maps folder. The default location of your maps is C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Network_Topology_Mapper.

If you are re-installing NTM on the same server and want to reuse the same license key, do not delete the folder C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Network_Topology_Mapper.

To remove Network Topology Mapper from a server, complete the following steps:

Remove product licenses

Follow the steps for your specific product to remove the SolarWinds product licenses.

  1. Start the stand-alone Windows License Manager.
  2. Select Network Topology Mapper, and click Deactivate.
  3. Complete the deactivation wizard.

See Deactivate and re-activate licenses with the stand-alone Windows License Manager.

Uninstall SolarWinds products
  1. Open Programs and Features in the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Select the product(s) to remove one at a time and click Uninstall.

    You may also need to uninstall the SolarWinds Job Engine and SolarWinds Orion Information Service.

Restart and reinstall Restart the server. You can reinstall new products following this guide.