Documentation forSolarWinds Platform

List resources

This page displays all the resources monitored on the selected node, and you can select additional interfaces and volumes for monitoring. You can designate node, interface, and volume charts for viewing in the web console.

Buttons in the Select toolbar allow you to quickly select the interfaces, volumes, and charts that you want to monitor.

The following options are available on this page:

  • Select CPU & Memory to view utilization charts for the selected node as resources in the web console.
  • Select either ICMP or Status & Response Time Agent to change the status and response time polling settings of the node. If the ICMP protocol is disabled on your network, you can monitor node status based on SNMP polling.

    ICMP is a low-level messaging protocol. Because of its simplicity, it is not possible to accurately record the same response time values using a different protocol. For example, an agent node reports a response time in the range 490 - 850 ms, but typical ICMP response time is about 150 ms.

  • Expand Volume Utilization to view, and select the volumes you want to monitor on the node. Select Volume Utilization to make these resources available in the web console. This option is not available if no nodes are discovered on the node.
  • Select the interfaces you want to monitor. Expand the interface name to view the available charts, and select those you want to view in the web console.