Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Essentialsand User Device Tracker

Manage the White List

The UDT White List enables you to specify which endpoints on your network you regard as safe. Using this list UDT can immediately detect endpoints that are therefore not considered safe, and display these on the Rogue Devices widget.

Simple rules determine which endpoints are included in the White List.

When you first launch UDT, the Rogue Devices widget displays a Create White List button. Click this to open the Add endpoints to the White List page.

The Manage White list page is displayed when you click on the Manage List link on the Rogue Device widget. By default UDT has the following three rules set up:

  • Any Hostname
  • Any IP Address
  • Any MAC Address

This means that all hostnames, IP Addresses and MAC addresses are considered safe and included in the White List. No endpoints appear on Rogue Devices widget.

UDT treats an endpoint's MAC address, IP address, and hostname as separate objects. Depending on white list inclusion rules, one or more of those objects could possibly appear in the Rogue Devices widget at the same time.

On this page you can edit, disable, enable, and delete rules.

Click Add new to open the Add endpoints to the White List page and create new rules.

Ignoring devices

The White List also enables you to tell UDT which endpoints on your network to ignore altogether. Any endpoint that you want UDT to ignore becomes completely invisible to all its widgets.

Click the Ignored tab to display the rules for ignoring endpoints.

The rules for ignoring endpoints are identical to those used to Add endpoints to the White List.