Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Essentialsand User Device Tracker

UDT Settings

To access the UDT Settings, navigate to Settings > All Settings > UDT Settings.

Section Settings/Links Description
Port Management

Discover Ports

Add, manage, configure and delete ports.

Manage Ports

Track Users and EndPoints Add Active Directory Domain Controller Monitor Active Directory users and keep an eye on network users.

Manage Active Directory Domain Controller

Manage Watch List

Manage White List

UDT Settings

Polling intervals

SolarWinds User Device Tracker comes configured to produce the best results in most network environments.

However, in some environments you may find you need to adjust settings such as polling frequency, job timeouts, data retention, warning thresholds, and monitored port types to suit your monitoring requirements.

Data Retention


View UDT Job Status

Advance Settings

License Summary UDT License Summary This link take you to your SolarWinds license details page, that shows license details for all your SolarWinds platform products including UDT. This includes the UDT version, type of license, and allowed number of monitored ports and current number of monitored ports.
Thwack Community UDT thwack Forum This link takes you to the SolarWinds Thwack UDT forum.
UDT Credentials Add, edit or delete UDT Credentials Create, edit and delete Active Directory Administrator Credentials.