Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Essentialsand User Device Tracker

SolarWinds UDT User Inventory

Focused on providing additional support to Help Desk users, the UDT User Inventory page allows you to quickly filter, search for, and review login history for users. The page provides a table overview with the following data:

  • User Name
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Mac Address
  • Last Connected To
  • Last Seen By UDT

You can use the Last Connected To filter to search for login history and users.

Solarwinds UDT also provides the Device Inventory page for quick filtering and search for users, and login history.

Access the UDT User Inventory page

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.
  2. Click My Dashboards > Device Tracker > User Inventory.

    This opens the User Inventory page.