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How do I get started with SolarWinds UDT?

Welcome to the User Device Tracker (UDT) Getting Started Guide.

UDT delivers automated endpoint tracking to help you quickly locate users or devices, as well as alert you when rogue devices enter the network. It also provides valuable switch port management capabilities to help you identify available ports, capacity plan your network, and manage port access.

For a video overview of using UDT to find devices and manage port use, click here.

To learn how to use UDT, we recommend that you complete the following tasks:

Install UDT

To install the User Device Tracker (UDT), see the SolarWinds platform Installer.

Discover your network

Once UDT is installed, use the Network Sonar Wizard to discover the devices on your environment.

If you already are already monitoring your network with SolarWinds NPM or other SolarWinds platform products, you can skip this and go to the next step.

Select the SolarWinds platform nodes to monitor with UDT

Now that you have a database of all the devices currently in your environment, select those you want to monitor with UDT.

Select an Active Directory Domain Controllers to track user logins

If you want to use UDT to track user logins, you will need to add an Active Directory Domain Controller.

Rogue Devices and setting up a list of allowed devices

Set up a white list of devices you regard as safe and not to be monitored. Devices detected on your network that do not appear on the white listare displayed on the Rogue Devices list. Devices stay on the Rogue Devices list until they are marked as safe or moved to the watch list.

Set up a watch list

Manually enter any devices you want to put on the Watch List.

Examine the Device Tracker Summary page

As soon as UDT begins to monitor your devices, the widgets on the Device Tracker Summary dashboard will begin to show data.

Locate network devices

Search for devices by user name, hostname, IP Address or Mac Address, node name, node port, or vendor using UDT's search tool .

Set up alerts

Create alerts to notify you by email when specific devices are detected on your network.

View reports

View reports showing historical data as it accumulates.

Existing customers: Access your licensed software from the SolarWinds Customer Portal. If you need any implementation help, contact our Support Reps.

Evaluators: Download your free 14-day evaluation from If you need assistance with your evaluation, contact