Documentation forVirtualization Manager
Monitoring virtual environments is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced and is also available in a standalone module, Virtualization Manager (VMAN). Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced and VMAN are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Virtualization Manager Upgrade Guide

This guide walks you through upgrading VMAN to the newest version. We include checklists to help you prepare and complete your upgrades, gotchas to watch out for, and troubleshooting steps for common issues that users come across when upgrading.

If you're using VMAN in the SolarWinds Platform and are ready to upgrade to the latest version

If you're not using the legacy VMAN appliance, upgrading VMAN in the SolarWinds Platform is simple. To upgrade any currently supported version of VMAN in the SolarWinds Platform to the latest version, all you need is the SolarWinds Installer.

Use the SolarWinds Installer to upgrade VMAN in the SolarWinds Platform to the newest version. The SolarWinds Installer is included in the latest install package for VMAN, available under Server Downloads in the Product Downloads section of the Customer Portal.

The SolarWinds Installer Guide has step-by-step instructions for preparing and executing your upgrade.

If you're still using the VMAN appliance

With VMAN 8.0 and later, the VMAN appliance is no longer required, and as of VMAN 2020.2.1, the appliance has reached end of life and is no longer supported. Before upgrading, you need to retire your VMAN appliance.

Retire the appliance and move fully over to VMAN in the SolarWinds Platform.

By retiring the appliance and upgrading to the current version of VMAN, you'll be able to use the latest features, and you'll no longer need to maintain a separate appliance.

For users retiring the appliance, the upgrade process is different. See this topic for specific instructions: Retire the legacy virtual appliance and upgrade VMAN in the SolarWinds Platform.