Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand Virtualization Manager

Example report in VMAN

The Recommendations report provides historical data for completed recommendations and actions in the last 30 days. The report provides detailed tables of results:

  • Recommendations current, scheduled, and finished: list all active and predictive recommendations completed with a status of FinishedWithSuccess or FinishedWithError.
  • Actions current, scheduled, and finished: list actions completed in active and scheduled recommendations. If available, you can select a recommendation to power down, move, and power up a VM.

Using reporting best practices, create a copy of the Recommendations report. Modify the report to collect data in the last 24 hours, for a specific cluster, with added charts of Effective CPU Load and Effective Memory Load. This report details VM movements and resource allocations with resource status. Schedule the report daily after maintenance.

In this scenario, create a copy of a report and customize the recommendations report for a specific host.

  1. Select the Recommendations report, and click Duplicate & Edit.
  2. Modify the name of the report.
  3. For each recommendation content section, select Last 24 Hours for the time period.

  4. Click Add Content.
  5. Select Feature in the Group By drop-down menu, and click Virtualization.

    All virtualization resources display.

  6. Select Effective CPU Load, and click Select and Continue.

  7. Select the cluster for the report, and click Add to Layout.

    For this scenario, select vim-hyperv-cluster-01.

    To modify the chart format, click Edit Chart.

  8. Click Add Content.
  9. Select Feature in the Group By drop-down menu, and click Virtualization.

    All virtualization resources display.

  10. Select Effective Memory Load, and click Select and Continue.

  11. Select use previously specified objects, and click Add to Layout.

    The cluster vim-hyperv-cluster-01 should be selected by default.

    To modify the chart format, click Edit Chart.

  12. Click Next to preview the report.

    To make additional changes, and click Back.

  13. Click Next to enter specific properties for the report including description, report category, and comments.
  14. Click Next to set a schedule.

    For this example, select No schedule needed.

  15. Click Next to review the Summary, and click Submit.

In this scenario, a customized Recommendations report with added memory and CPU charts for vim-hyperv-cluster-01 runs on a daily schedule after maintenance at 6 a.m. Any recommendations requiring VM movements are scheduled during this maintenance window, including actions to move VMs between hosts.

Review the report to verify the recommendation is completed. In this report, an error occurred with the recommendation.

  1. Open the report emailed to you after the report runs for the night.

    A failed recommendation and action have a status of FinishedWithError.

  2. To troubleshoot the reported recommendation, click My Dashboards > Virtualization > Recommendations.
  3. On the Recommendations page, click the History tab.

    A list of completed recommendations displays, including the failure. The failed recommendation displays with a critical error, time, and message.

  4. Select the recommendation to open the issue and identify which step failed.

    In this example, the kmiele-vman VM could not be moved due to the management tools for responding. Troubleshoot the possible timeout or account access issues with the native tools to resolve the issue for future recommendation actions.

    Take additional actions as necessary.