Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand Virtualization Manager

Log in to the SolarWinds Web Console to use and manage VMAN

As of version 8.0, VMAN is a full-fledged SolarWinds Platform product. As with all SolarWinds Platform products, you'll use VMAN by logging into the SolarWinds Web Console, and you'll use the Web Console to do everything from adding virtual devices for monitoring to setting up alerts or running Capacity Planning scenarios.

In a web browser, navigate to http://hostnameOrIPAddress:port where:

  • hostnameOrIPAddress is the hostname or IP address of the SolarWinds Platform server where VMAN is installed.
  • port is the SolarWinds Web Console port defined for the website. This is configurable during installation. The default port is 8787.

You'll see the SolarWinds Platform server log in page:

The first time you log in, you'll be asked to create a user name and password. Later, you'll also want to create users with their own credentials and groups, each with their own specialized views and permissions.