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Variable construction

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

Variables are designated by a $ and enclosed in {brackets}. There are three attributes per variable, but only two are necessary.

All variables are available in the variable picker in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console. You do not need to create or enter variables manually.



This is the context of the variable and required. You can use the following contexts:

  • Alerting - uses variables specific to alerting
  • OrionGroup - uses variables specific to groups
  • SwisEntity - uses variables specific to the objects you monitor in the context of the alert
  • Generic - uses variables specific to general environmental properties


This is the variable or macro name and required. You can use entity names from the SWIS.


This converts the data to a user-friendly format. Use formats that correlate to the data. For example, use DateTime with AcknowledgedTime, not with ObjectType. You can convert data to specific formats using the variable picker.