Documentation forServer & Application Monitor

Introduction to AppStack

A key tool in SAM is the Application Stack, commonly known as "AppStack," an interactive visual map that displays a detailed view of your environment so you can identify the root cause of performance and availability issues. Use AppStack to assess the overall health of your environment and to troubleshoot specific and related problems.

An AppStack view is also available at the application layer that only shows the relationships for that application. This view is called the Mini-Stack.

AppStack provides a more thorough analysis of root cause problems in your environment if combined with Storage Resource Manager, Virtualization Manager, and Web Performance Monitor.

To access the AppStack Environment page:

  1. Click My Dashboards > Environment.

    The AppStack environment generates categories that show the status of objects in your environment. Objects on the left are the highest priority.

  2. Click an object to highlight related objects and gray out unrelated objects.

  3. Click Spotlight to remove unrelated objects.

  4. To investigate further, click the selected object.

    The relevant Details page appears.