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Monitoring your applications and environment is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability and is also available in a standalone module, Server & Application Monitor (SAM). Hybrid Cloud Observability and SAM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

What’s new in SolarWinds SAM

The What’s New in SolarWinds SAM widget provides a summary of the new features of the current SAM release. Each new feature listed includes links to more information, documentation, or feature pages within the SolarWinds Platform Web Console. You can remove or add this widget anytime on the SAM Summary page.

SolarWinds Platform 2020.2.6 includes updated password policies that impact individual SolarWinds Platform accounts. After you upgrade to 2020.2.6, all passwords for individual SolarWinds Platform accounts will expire in 30 days. To learn more, see the Orion Platform 2020.2.6 Release Notes.

The SAM 2020.2.6 service release introduces the following changes:

Previous SAM releases

Following is a recap of currently supported versions of SAM:

SAM 2020.2.5: Includes the following improvements.

SAM 2020.2.4: Includes security enhancements and is signed with a new digital code-signing certificate.

SAM 2020.2.1: Use the new Manage API Pollers page to add, import, edit, copy, reassign, delete, or export API pollers. Chain multiple API requests to save a value from one request for use as a variable in subsequent requests. Use Orion Remote Collectors (ORCs) to distribute load in your environment by deploying lightweight polling engines with SolarWinds Platform agent technology to communicate with the SolarWinds Platform. Expand Active Directory monitoring from 50 up to 200 domain controllers with the new Enable Domain Components option.

SAM 2020.2: API Poller improvements include support for OAuth 2.0, Bearer Token, and API Key authentication, and new API Poller templates were added. WinRM is the now default transport method for data gathered by WMI-based component monitors (for example, Performance Counter Monitors) in SAM templates and application monitors.

SAM 2019.4.1: This service release introduced localized SAM application monitor templates in German and Japanese that are automatically available when you select one of those languages when running the SolarWinds Platform Installer to deploy SAM in your environment.

SAM 2019.4: Use the API Poller feature to monitor external REST APIs and gather metrics for nodes and applications in your environment, providing an easy way to collect data from a modern application stack in a simplified manner. Starting in this release, you can also monitor hardware health for Nutanix clusters.

SAM 6.9: This release added cloud monitoring for AWS instances, the Performance Analysis dashboard (PerfStack), the ability to import nodes from files, an updated SolarWinds Platform agent for Linux, plus critical and warning status for alerts.

SAM 6.8: This release added AppInsight for Active Directory to the suite of AppInsight applications so you can monitor physical and virtual AD environments to identify issues about domain controllers, replication, and more. Improved Cisco UCS device monitoring is also included.