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View entities on Orion Maps

Starting with Orion Platform 2018.2, Orion Platform products can map monitored entities on Orion Maps.

  • Map related or connected entities: On an entity details page, click the Map subview to display monitored relations or connections relevant for the entity.
  • Create Orion Maps from scratch: Click My Dashboards > Orion Maps to view list of available Orion Maps, and edit or delete existing maps, or create new Maps from scratch.
  • View maps full-screen: Click an Orion Map to display it in the view mode.
  • Integrate Orion Maps to viewsAdd Orion Maps as a widget to seamlessly integrate customized Orion Maps to your views.

For details, see the Orion Platform Administrator Guide.

View a map of connected entities

On Orion Maps, you can see entities connected or related to supported entities (such as nodes or groups).

  1. Go to the group details view, and click the Map icon in the navigation bar on the left.

    Entities that belong to the group are displayed on a map, including connections between them.

  2. Click an object to display more information about it in the navigation pane on the right.

    Connections related to the selected object are highlighted on the map, too, with boxes informing you about configured metrics, such as traffic or percent utilization.

Add the map to a view as a widget

  1. On the Orion Map, click Open Map in Editor.

  2. Provide a name for the map and click Save.

  3. Go to the view where you want to add the saved map and add the Orion Map widget there:

    1. Click the Pencil Icon in the top left corner of the view.
    2. Click Add Widgets in the top right and search for Orion Map.
    3. Drag Orion Map to its position on the view. Click Done Adding Widgets and then lick Done Editing view.
  4. Click Choose Map in the Orion Map widget, select the map, and click Save.

    The map is now available in the Orion Map widget on your view.

What else can you do with Orion Maps?

See Orion Maps in the Orion Platform online help for details.