Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand Virtualization Manager

VMAN Third-party software list

Licenses Used in Linked Software

License Abbr Website
Apache 2.0 License
Berkeley Software Distribution License BSD
Common Development and Distribution License CDDL
Common Public License CPL
Creative Commons 2.5
Eclipse Public License EPL
Freeware - AutoComplete Flex Component
GNU Lesser General Public License LGPL
IBM Open Source License
MIT License MIT
Mozilla Public License MPL
PostgreSQL License
Python Software Foundation License PSFL


Licenses Used in Distributed Software

License Abbr Website
GNU Public License GPL
Artistic License


Third-Party Software

Java Libraries

Library License Description
lucene Apache 2.0 Search Engine
birt EPL Reporting framework
postgresql jdbc BSD Java Driver for PostgreSQL Database
apache axis Apache 2.0 Web services (SOAP) library
vijava BSD Java to VMware SDK
vmware apputils VMware EULA VMware web service client SDK Utilities
j-Interop LGPL Pure Java DCOM Implementation (WMI)
activemq Apache 2.0 ActiveMQ Messaging
kahadb Apache 2.0 ActiveMQ used file based persistence database
jgoogleanalytics Apache 2.0 Send Google Analytics events from Java
snmp4j Apache 2.0 SNMP trap sending
commons-math Apache 2.0 Common math functions
commons-jxpath Apache 2.0 XPath 1.0 Implementation
commons-codec Apache 2.0 Implementations of common encoders and decoders such as Base64, Hex, Phonetic and URLs.
commons-fileupload Apache 2.0 File upload capability to servlets and web applications
commons-collections Apache 2.0 Implementations of many popular collection data structures (Bag, MapIterator, etc.)
commons-cli Apache 2.0 Provides easy CLI argument structures to programs
commons-pool Apache 2.0 Object-pooling API
commons-beanutils Apache 2.0 Easy to use wrappers around JDK Reflection and Introspection APIs
commons-io Apache 2.0 Utilities to assist with developing IO functionality
commons-discovery Apache 2.0 Facilities for instantiating classes in general, and for lifecycle management of singleton (factory) classes.
commons-lang Apache 2.0 String manipulation methods, basic numerical methods, object reflection, concurrency, creation and serialization and System properties.
commons-digester Apache 2.0 Lets you configure an XML ? Java object mapping module, which triggers certain actions called rules whenever a particular pattern of nested XML elements is recognized.
commons-dbcp Apache 2.0 Database connection pooling system
commons-validator Apache 2.0 Form validation templates and rules
commons-net Apache 2.0 Common IP utilities
pdfbox Apache 2.0 PDF file manipulation for reporting
saxon-he MPL XPath 2.0
jtds LGPL Java Microsoft SQL JDBC driver (Used in Test Only)
derby Apache 2.0 Pure Java Database
icu4j IBM Open Source License Unicode and Globalization Support used by BIRT Reporting
h2 Dual License: MPL or EPL H2 Pure Java Database (Used in Test Only)
fastutil Apache 2.0 Streamlined extensions to standard Java collections
bobo-browse LGPL Facetting on Lucene Index
hibernate LGPL Storage and retrieval of Java domain objects via Object/Relational Mapping.
quartz Apache 2.0 Job Scheduler
saaj Dual License: CDDL or GPL SOAP with attachments
xws-security Dual License: CDDL or GPL Web service security
javacsv LGPL CSV data processor
slf4j MIT Java Logging Abstraction Layer
truelicense Apache 2.0 License management
truexml Apache 2.0 XML validation
ehcache Apache 2.0 Object caching
jaxb Dual License: CDDL or GPL Java to XML marshalling and unmarshalling
jython PSFL Jython provides Python scripting with the JVM
stax Apache 2.0 XML streaming
xerces Apache 2.0 XML Parsers
velocity Apache 2.0 Templating engine
xalan Apache 2.0 XSLT processor for transforming XML
spring Apache 2.0 Layered Java/J2EE application platform
spring-modules Apache 2.0 modules, add-ons and integration tools for Spring
spring-ws Apache 2.0 Spring Web Services
wsdl4j CPL WSDL manipulation
poi Apache 2.0 Microsoft Excel File Read/Write in Java
axiom-impl Apache 2.0 StAX based XML parsing
xbean-spring Apache 2.0 Module loading for Spring
xmlbeans Apache 2.0 Accessing XML by binding it to Java types
oro Apache 2.0 Perl5 compliant regular expression handling in Java
geronimo Apache 2.0 Geronimo is a server runtime framework but SolarWinds Virtualization Manager uses some libraries from the project indirectly through other library dependencies.
org.osgi.core Apache 2.0 Apache Felix core OSGI library
js MPL Rhino library for executing Javascript in the JVM
dom4j BSD XML processing
xml-apis Apache 2.0 AKA 'xml-commons'. Provides common utilities and interfaces for dealing with XML
asm BSD Java bytecode manipulation library
antlr BSD ANother Tool for Language Recognition. Dependencies from hibernate and spring
cglib Apache 2.0 Code Generation Library
jaxen BSD XPath 2.0 execution library
jersey Dual License: CDDL or GPL RESTful web services


Flex Libraries

Library License Description
gaforflash Apache 2.0 Sending Google Analytics events from Flex/Flash
autocomplete Freeware Auto-complete components
cairngorm MIT Cairngorm MVC Framework
astra-flex BSD Miscellaneous Flex components, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager uses some date/time components
fluint MIT Flex unit testing
silk icon pack Creative Commons Miscellaneous UI icons


Software Packaged for Installation of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

Software License Description
Apache Tomcat Apache 2.0 App Server
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL License Database
JDK Apache 2.0 Java Developement Kit and Runtime Environment
Centos GPL Operating system for the SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Appliance Distribution
Perl GPL or Artistic Perl runtime included in the SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Appliance Distribution