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Integrated Dashboards

With the APM Integrated Experience, all AppOptics and Loggly dashboards are found in a single consolidated location.

Click to view all your AppOptics and Loggly dashboards. Only the dashboards that you created or that were shared with you appear in this list.

To find a specific dashboard, type the name of the dashboard in the Search Dashboards field and/or select a dashboard type from the dropdown. The list of dashboards updates to display only dashboards whose name contains the entered text and/or that match the dashboard type selected.

  • Create a dashboard. To create a new dashboard, click Create New Dashboard and fill out the provided fields. A new log or metrics dashboard will be created, powered by Loggly or AppOptics, respectively.

  • View a dashboard. Click a dashboard name to view the log or metrics chart data previously configured in the dashboard.

  • Add a preconfigured log dashboard. Click Preconfigured Log Dashboards, select a source type, and click Add dashboard to add a new dashboard of charts curated specifically for your applications.

  • Delete a dashboard. Click the hamburger menu to the right of the dashboard you want deleted, select Delete, and click Delete in the confirmation window to delete the saved dashboard.

For more information about dashboards, see:

Navigation Notice: When the APM Integrated Experience is enabled, the products that make up the APM Integrated Experience share a common navigation and enhanced feature set. For documentation about features powered by AppOptics, click here. For features powered by Loggly, click here. For features powered by Pingdom, click here.