Documentation forNetwork Configuration Manager
Managing network configurations is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced and is also available in a standalone module, Network Configuration Manager (NCM). Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced and NCM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Add a device to NCM

After you discover and add devices to the SolarWinds Platform for monitoring, you also need to add the devices to NCM. When you add a device to NCM, you configure a connection profile that establishes a line of communication between NCM and the node you want to manage. Communication is established by Telnet or SSH protocols.

Before you begin:

  • Locate the login credentials for the node you want to add to NCM.
  • Determine whether NCM communicates with the device by way of Telnet or SSH.
  • Identify the Telnet or SSH ports used for communication.

The following example illustrates how to add a router to NCM for management. This router has already been added to, and is monitored by, the SolarWinds Platform and now needs to be added to NCM.

For information about setting global variables, see Configure nodes to use device-level login credentials for NCM connections. For information about other connection options (such as connection profiles and user-level logins), see Options for specifying NCM connection information.

  1. Click Settings > Manage Nodes.

    The Manage Nodes view lists all of the nodes that have been added to the SolarWinds Platform Web Console. Nodes that have been added to NCM have Yes in the NCM - Licensed column.

    • If the Manage Entities view opens instead of the Manage Nodes view, click Commands > Switch Back to Legacy page.
    • If the Manage Nodes view does not show the NCM - Licensed column, click the icon at the far right of the table header and add the NCM - Licensed column.
  2. Select all of the devices that you want to bring under NCM management, and click Edit Properties.

  3. In the Manage Node(s) with NCM field, select Yes.

    The NCM Properties are listed with their current values.

  4. Enter the connection profile credentials and then click Test to make sure there is a valid connection between NCM and the router.

    If the test fails, see this topic for troubleshooting information.

  5. When a successful connection is made, click Submit.

    The results are displayed on the Managed Nodes page.

  6. To verify the router was successfully added, view the NCM - Licensed column.