SAM licensing model

Your SAM license determines how many assigned component monitors you are allowed. A component monitor provides a statistic that you want to monitor in SAM. You can use as many application templates and monitors as needed, as long as the number of assigned component monitors doesn't exceed the license count.

The value returned by a component monitor is a measurement of application health and availability that needs to be monitored. It can be a process, service, performance counter, port, URL, User Experience Monitor, Nagios script, and so on.

  • An application typically consumes 15 — 25 component monitors.
  • AppInsight for Active Directory consumes 50 component monitors per monitored domain controller.
  • AppInsight for Exchange consumes 50 component monitors per monitored mailbox role server.
  • AppInsight for IIS consumes 30 component monitors per monitored IIS server.
  • AppInsight for SQL consumes 50 component monitors per database instance.
  • The Windows Scheduled Task Monitor consumes 5 component monitors per Windows server.

Asset Inventory data collection does not count against your SAM license.

If you exceed the license limit, monitors beyond the limit are not activated and statuses change to Not Licensed. Either disable assigned component monitors to reduce your total assigned monitor count, or contact SolarWinds Sales to upgrade your license.

SAM License Tiers Number of Components to Monitor
AL150 150
AL300 300
AL700 700
AL1100 1100
AL1500 1500
AL2500 2500
ALX Unlimited number of items to monitor standard polling throughput.

To verify the number of consumed and available component monitors in your license, access the SAM License Summary.

  1. In the Orion Web Console, click Settings > All Settings.
  2. Under Product Specific Settings, click SAM Settings.
  3. Click SAM License Summary.

Verify the component monitors consumed per template

SAM licenses do not have to mirror the license count of other installed SolarWinds products. For example, you can install SAM with a 150 component license on an NPM server with an unlimited node license.

​Example: The Apache template has 8 available licensed component monitors. If you have an AL150 license and assign all 8 component monitors in this template to a node, the balance of remaining licenses is 142 (150-8 = 142). If you assign only 5 of the 8 component monitors to a node, the balance of remaining licenses is 145 (150-5=145).

To view the number of licensed component monitors per template in SAM, click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Manage Templates. Review the Licensed Components column amount per template.

Manage and activate your SAM license

Note these details when the License Manager prompts you to activate your SAM license:

  • When using your Customer ID (also called a "SWID") and password, use your individual profile information. If you do not know your Customer ID or password, enter a Support ticket.
  • To display licenses and activation keys that are not yet activated, log into the Customer Portal.
  • Your SAM license interacts additively with other SolarWinds licenses. For example, if you have NPM SL500 (500 nodes and 500 volumes) installed with SAM A1L50, you can monitor:
    • 650 nodes (500 NPM nodes + 150 SAM nodes)

    • 650 volumes (the number of volumes matches the node count)

    • 500 interfaces monitored with SNMP

    • 150 component monitors

    • An unlimited number of interfaces polled using WMI

To manage SAM and other licenses:

  1. Click Settings > All Settings in the Orion Web Console.
  2. Click License Details in the Details section.

  1. Click License Manager.

You can sort licenses by product name, version, license type, or expiration date. You can also add a license, upgrade a license to a new tier, and activate licenses on new servers. The License Manager on the Orion server controls all licenses for your SAM environment, including scalability engines and High Availability.

If you license your product before you install it, click Add/Upgrade License, enter the details, and complete the activation to see the license in the License Manager.

SAM licensing FAQs

Why component monitors and not devices?

Monitor-based pricing is flexible and provides a good correlation of price to value.

Is licensing always based on component monitors?

Technically, it is based on the highest number of nodes, volumes, and component monitors, but in most cases, the number of component monitors is the highest factor. There may be some instances where volumes or nodes would be the highest factor.

For reference, NPM is licensed by the largest number of the following element types:

  • Nodes: include entire devices (routers, switches, servers, APs)
  • Interfaces: include switch ports, physical/virtual interfaces, VLANs, port channel interfaces. Interface count is usually the largest. (Unmanaged interfaces also use up a license. To prevent interfaces from consuming a license, remove them.)
  • Volumes: are equal to the logical disks you monitor