Documentation forWeb Performance Monitor

Playback locations

As described in How WPM works, the WPM Player is a Windows service that uses WPM worker processes to simulate end user experiences with web applications by constantly replaying recorded transactions (every five minutes, by default) to track performance and transaction behavior over time, and then report statistics back to the Orion server for analysis.

Playback locations (also called "transaction locations") are places in your environment that host a WPM Player. Each location hosts an WPM agent that is deployed and registered with the main Orion server when you deploy a WPM Player.

You can use the Manage Transaction Locations page to add, edit, and delete playback locations, which can include:

  • A server in a co-location hosting service
  • A workstation in a satellite office
  • A VM hosted by a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Note the following details about playback locations:

  • After deploying a WPM Player, you can adjust player settings via the Windows Start menu on remote machines. See Configure the WPM Player service on remote systems.

    For an accurate sampling of websites and services from the viewpoint of your end users, deploy WPM Players to the same geographical locations as most of your user base.