Documentation forServer & Application Monitor

Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)

This template contains performance and statistics counters for an Oracle RAC database.


To monitor Oracle database servers, you'll need to download and install drivers to support polling by SAM and other SolarWinds products. See Configure SAM to monitor an Oracle Database Server in the SolarWinds Success Center for details.

If you have Additional Polling Engines (APEs), install the Oracle client software on those machines also.


An Oracle user name and password with read access to the Oracle RAC tables

Component monitors

To learn more about component monitors, see Use SAM templates, application monitors, and component monitors.

Components without predetermined threshold values provide guidance such as "Use the lowest threshold possible" or "Use the highest threshold possible" to help you find an appropriate threshold for your application.

To learn more about metrics, see and (© 2019 Oracle, obtained on May 10, 2019).

Average MTS response time

The average MTS server response time for all instances.

Unit: Milliseconds

Average MTS wait time

The average MTS wait time on all instances.

Unit: Milliseconds.

Sort ratio

The sort ratio for disk and memory.

Unit: Percentage

MTS UGA memory

The amount of MTS UGA memory.

Unit: KB

Database file I/O reads

The total number of data file I/O read operations.

Unit: Count

User locks

The total number of active user locks.

Unit: Count

Locked users

The total number of active locked user at any given point.

Unit: Count

Global cache service utilization

The total number of blocks received.

Unit: Count

Global cache block lost

The total number of blocks lost in global cache.

Unit: Count

Global cache average block receive time

The average block receive time in milliseconds.

Unit: Milliseconds

Long queries elapsed time

The elapsed time in seconds for long queries.

Unit: Seconds

Redo logs contentions

The number of misses in redo logs.

Unit: Count

Active users

The number of active users on all instances.

Unit: Count

Buffer cache hit ratio

The buffer cache-hit ratio.

Unit: Percentage

Dictionary cache hit ratio

The dictionary cache hit ratio in percentage for gets and misses. A higher percentage means higher gets and fewer misses.

Unit: Percentage

Average enqueue timeouts

The number of table and row locks that timed out.

Unit: Count

Global cache block access latency

The end-to-end elapsed time or latency for a block request in milliseconds.

Unit: Milliseconds

Nodes down

The count of nodes that went down and are not active,

Unit: Count

Long queries count

The number of long queries running at that moment.

Unit: Count

Database file I/O write operation

The total number of database file I/O write operations.

Unit: Count

Global cache corrupt blocks

The number of corrupt blocks.

Unit: Count