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Orion Website Administration - Details

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

The Details grouping on the Orion Website Administration page provides access to extensive information about the configuration of your SolarWinds Platform installation.

Database Details

This is an information-only page that displays details about the SQL Server database currently used by your SolarWinds installation. In addition to current version information and configuration settings for both your SolarWinds Platform server and your database server, this page displays the total number of monitored elements, nodes, interfaces, and volumes in the database.

My Deployment

Follow the link to review your current deployment, including High Availability servers, deployment health or diagnostics you can run directly from the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.

Polling Engines

The link leads to the Polling Engines page where you can review the status and details for deployed polling engines.

License Details

This is an information-only page that displays details about both your licenses and your monitored network. This page also shows the version of the SolarWinds Platform products that you are running and how much of the license you have consumed.

SolarWinds Platform Details

This information‑only page provides information about your SolarWinds Platform server, the number and type of devices you are monitoring, and the current version numbers of all applications associated with your Orion installation.

License Manager

This link leads to the web-based License Manager where you can review your licenses and manage your licenses.