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Polling engines

SolarWinds Platform products support the implementation of multiple distributed polling engines. Each engine can monitor and collect data from different parts of your network.

Does your SolarWinds Platform product support additional polling engines? See Scalability Engine guidelines.

This page shows the status and selected configuration information for each currently operational polling engine.

  • Last Database Update is the most recent LastSync value from Nodes table. If this value and large and negative, the LastSync entry in the Nodes table is NULL. This may happen after a node is added but before it is first polled. LastSync is updated when node data is synchronized.
  • Last Database Sync is calculated as (UTC time on DB server - KeepAlive::InUTC), where KeepAlive is in the Engines table. KeepAlive is updated periodically.

You can download and install additional polling engines or additional websites from the Polling Engines page.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > Polling Engines.
  2. Click Download Installer Now.
  3. Run the installer on the computer you want to use as your additional polling engine or website.
  4. Enter the main SolarWinds Platform server credentials.
  5. Choose either Additional Polling Engine or Additional Website. If you want to install a backup server for High Availability, view SolarWinds High Availability requirements first.
    The packages are downloaded from the main SolarWinds Platform server.
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your installation and configuration.
  7. The Additional Polling Engine or Additional Web Server is installed, together with all hotfixes for products.

    Repeat installing on all Additional Polling Engines and then on all Additional Web Servers in your environment.

    Activate the Additional Polling Engine licenses.