Documentation forNetwork Performance Monitor
Monitoring network performance is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability and is also available in a standalone module, Network Performance Monitor (NPM). Hybrid Cloud Observability and NPM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Select NPM nodes or interfaces to poll a custom statistic

When you have created a UnDP poller, specify the devices (nodes or interfaces) to monitor the statistic.

Before you begin, make sure the UnDP poller is created and enabled. See Define a custom statistic to monitor in the NPM.

  1. Start the Universal Device Poller application, for example by clicking Start > SolarWinds Orion > Universal Device Poller.
  2. Click Assign Pollers.
  3. Navigate the poller tree, select the pollers you want to assign, and click Next.

    By default, there are two poller groups:

    • Example - all predefined out-of-the box UnDP pollers.
    • Default Group - all user-defined UnDPs if they are not assigned to any other group.

    Selecting a poller group selects all pollers in the group. If you do not want to assign all pollers, clear the pollers that you do not want to assign.

  4. Expand the node tree down to the interface level, and select the elements to apply the pollers.
    • Interfaces are not displayed unless you are assigning an interface poller.
    • Selecting a node automatically assigns a selected interface poller to all interfaces on the node. Clear boxes for interfaces that should not be assigned to the poller.
  5. Click Test to see current results of the selected pollers on the selected nodes or interfaces. If the test fails, see Troubleshooting failed tests.
  6. After you have completed your poller assignments, click Finish.