Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand Network Configuration Manager

Discovery for SolarWinds NCM

For NCM to manage your device configs, you need to discover those network devices and add them to Orion for monitoring.

  • If you have other Orion Platform products, such as NPM, you have probably already discovered the routers, switches, and firewalls that you want to manage with NCM. If you have already discovered these devices and added them to the Orion Platform, you can proceed to the next step and add the devices to NCM.

  • If you have not discovered the network devices you want to manage with NCM, see the NPM Getting Started Guide to learn how to discover your network and add discovered devices to Orion. Then return to the Network Configuration Manager Getting Started Guide so you can add those devices to NCM.

    NPM and NCM use the same process for discovering network devices and adding them to the Orion Platform. There is no discovery specific to NCM.

SolarWinds recommends that you begin by discovering a limited number of core routers and switches so that you can learn how to manage them with NCM. Then you can add more devices to scale your deployment.

If you are unsure if you discovered any network devices, log in to the Orion Platform and click My Dashboards > Home > Summary. The All Nodes resource lists all network devices discovered and added to Orion for monitoring.

After you discover and add devices to the Orion platform for monitoring, you also need to add the devices to NCM.

The examples in this guide use a Cisco router to illustrate how to back up and make changes to a config.