Documentation forSolarWinds Identity Monitor

How do I get started with Identity Monitor?

The purpose of this guide is to help you familiarize yourself with the Identity Monitor portal for monitoring and responding to alerts from account takeover (ATO) attacks against domains on your watchlist. It is intended for SolarWinds customers who have recently purchased, or want to purchase, Identity Monitor for the first time.

Who should use this guide?

New Identity Monitor Users Existing Identity Monitor Users

Follow the instructions provided in the Identity Monitor Installation Guide to ensure you have registered a license for your Identity Monitor portal account.

Access your licensed software from the SolarWinds Customer Portal. If you need implementation assistance, contact the SolarWinds support team.

If you are looking for advanced information about the features of Identity Monitor, see the Identity Monitor Administrator Guide.

Evaluators: If you are evaluating SolarWinds Identity Monitor, sign up for a limited evaluation. You can convert your evaluation to a production license to access the full features of Identity Monitor. For assistance with your evaluation, contact

Checklist to get started

Log in and explore the Identity Monitor portal

Sign in and explore the Identity Monitor dashboard.

If you have not setup your Identity Monitor subscription, see the Identity Monitor Installation Guide for planning, troubleshooting, and installation instructions.

Add team members to Identity Monitor

Grant access to Identity Monitor for administrators and users.

Manage notification preferences

Configure notification preferences for administrators and users.

Add domains and email addresses to watchlist

Manage the domains and user email addresses on the Identity Monitor watchlist.

Beyond getting started with Identity Monitor

Learn about additional resources available as you expand your use of Identity Monitor.