Documentation forSolarWinds Identity Monitor

Manage notification preferences in Identity Monitor

The notification preferences determine the email addresses are notified in the event of a breach. This section also determines the status of accounts and if the email address configured to receive notifications has been verified.

An email address does not need to be an active user or administrator in Identity Monitor to receive notifications. Additionally, team member accounts are not automatically assigned to receive notifications. This must be toggled during account setup or configured in the notification preferences page.

To add a new notification preference:

  1. Log in to Identity Monitor as an administrator.
  2. Click to extend the left panel.
  3. Under Admin, click Notification Preferences.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Enter the name and email address for the person receiving notifications.
  6. Click Save.

Any email address that is not within the same domain as the administrator who invited them must verify ownership of the email address.