Documentation forSolarWinds Identity Monitor

Exploring the Identity Monitor interface

After you have completed the setup of Identity Monitor, the statistics for your monitored domains and email addresses live with the dashboard. From the dashboard, you can add, remove, or edit items on your watchlist, view team audit logs, and find breach details.

Identity Monitor dashboard panes

The Identity Monitor dashboards provides a quick overview of breaches against the domains and email addresses that you have added and are monitoring in your environment.

Breach exposure timeline

The breach exposure timeline provides a visual representation of all data breaches affecting a user's domain over a specified time period, spanning from 3 months to "all time".

Hover over the dots in the timeline to see your historical exposure data and details of each of the breaches.

Breached asset types

The breached asset types section displays affected assets, categorized by data type. This section allows you to drill down to specific details based on the data breach type.

Breach timeline

The breach timeline is a chronological listing of all data breaches affecting a user's domain. It displays a different timeline view of historical breach exposed related to email address or domains.

Latest watchlist events

The latest watchlist events is an overview of data in the configured watchlist of monitored email addresses, IP addresses, and domains.

From this section, you can add or delete domains, email addresses, and IP addresses by clicking Add Watchlist Items.

The event timeline changes dynamically as you add or remove monitored assets.