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Work with SAM component monitors

Component monitors are the building blocks of SAM templates. Each template consists of multiple component monitors that are designed to poll for specific metrics about an application, process, or event.

Each component monitor checks the status and performance of a different aspect of an application. There are several types of component monitors, each containing settings that define what is monitored and how to monitor it. Some have prerequisites, configuration, and credentials requirements for target systems.

For a list of component monitors included in SAM, click here. You can also display component monitors in the Component Monitor Library.

Some types of component monitors allow you to set threshold conditions on the monitored parameters. You can set separate thresholds to indicate warning and critical conditions. For example, to monitor the percentage of free space remaining on a volume, you can set a warning threshold at 15%, and a critical condition at 5%.

Click here to learn more about thresholds.

Some component monitors gather application, process, or event metrics directly, while others execute scripts to pull metrics. For example, the Apache template uses an Orion agent and several Linux/Unix Script Monitors to collect data. The IdleWorkers component monitor uses SSH to upload a script to target Linux servers and then processes the returned values and text output that appear in the Orion Web Console.

The Active Directory 2016 Domain Controller Security template includes 21 different component monitors that poll for application data, including:

  • Locked out users uses a PowerShell script to pull metrics for currently locked out users.
  • Disabled users uses a PowerShell script to return the number of currently disabled users; you can adjust thresholds as necessary.
  • User Account: User account was created is a Windows Event Log Monitor that scans Windows event logs for events that match certain criteria, such as specific keywords.

For a quick overview, watch this SolarWinds Lab Bits video: Common SAM template elements (6:34).

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