SAM Template Reference

SolarWinds SAM provides over 250 out-of-the-box (OOTB) application monitor templates to help get you started monitoring servers and applications. Each template consists of multiple component monitors designed to poll for specific metrics about an application, process, or event.

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For an overview of SAM templates and how to use them, see the SAM Administrator Guide. This reference is intended for use as a companion to the Administrator Guide. It includes in-depth details about individual templates, such as:

  • Prerequisites
  • Required credentials
  • Component monitors
  • Port requirements

SolarWinds recommends that you check our online IT community, THWACK, periodically for updates to SAM's OOTB templates. With the exception of AppInsight templates, templates are not updated automatically during upgrades to avoid overwriting custom changes made to templates. For details, see Import and export SAM templates.

SAM templates are organized into the following categories:

Before assigning SAM templates and component monitors to Linux/Unix systems, make sure they are configured properly. Click here for details.

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In addition to the SAM Administrator Guide, you can learn more about using SAM templates in these helpful resources: