Directory Size

This template determines the disk space used by files in a directory.


WMI access on the target server.


Administrator on the target server.

Component monitors

Directory Size Monitor

This component monitor determines the disk space used by the files in a directory. By default, it monitors the Documents and Settings folder situated on the target server on the C drive. To change the target folder, you should provide the correct UNC path to that folder.

For example: \\${IP}\c$\Documents and Settings\

By default, this monitor calculates the size of the directory, including its subdirectories. If you do not want to include subdirectories, uncheck the Include Subdirectories option.

By default, the File Extensions Filter option is set to the wildcard, [*]. This means the monitor will calculate the size of all the files. If you need to calculate the size of a certain type of file, add the proper extension, as in the following example:

For example: For only ZIP archives, you should set the filter option to "zip".

More information, see Directory Size monitor.