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View and clear Syslog messages in the Syslog Viewer (deprecated)

This SolarWinds Platform topic applies to the following products if you are NOT using the Orion Log Viewer to monitor syslogs.


As of SolarWinds Platform 2022.3, Syslog Viewer is no longer available and the Syslog view was replaced by SolarWinds Platform Log Viewer. See View logs and events with the SolarWinds Platform Log Viewer.

Syslog Viewer is a stand-alone application that collects Syslog messages from your network and presents them in a readily reviewable and searchable list so that you can easily monitor your network.

Clear messages you have already read and acted upon.

You must be able to log in to the computer running your SolarWinds Platform server.

  1. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Syslog Viewer.
  2. Click View > Current Messages.
  3. Clear read messages:
    • Right-click any message, and select Acknowledge Selected.
    • Add an Acknowledged column to the Syslog Viewer, and select the messages that you want to acknowledge. See Configure the Syslog Viewer (deprecated) for details.

Selected messages are acknowledged now.