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Syslog widgets in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console (deprecated)

This SolarWinds Platform topic applies to the following products if you are NOT using the Orion Log Viewer to monitor syslogs.


These widgets displayed syslog information from the SolarWinds Platform database. Starting with 2022.x, these widgets are no longer available. You can use the Custom Table widget with a custom query. For examples, see the THWACK post Dashboard query for syslog.

Every syslog message has a designated severity.

Advanced Syslog Counts

This widget groups by severity all Syslog messages received by the currently viewed node. For each severity, this resource provides the number of received Syslog messages.

Advanced Syslog Parser

This widget provides a comprehensive view of the Syslog messages most recently received by the viewed node.

Advanced Syslog Summary

This widget groups by message type all Syslog messages received by the currently viewed node, where the message type is encoded in the Syslog message packet. For each message type, this widget provides the severity, the hostname or IP address of the message originator, and the total number of Syslog messages received.

Last 25 Syslog Messages

This widget provides a list of the last 25 Syslog messages sent by monitored network devices to the viewed node.

Click the hostname, IP address, or message text to the Object Details page, which provides extensive diagnostic information about the monitored network.

Click Edit to set the maximum number of displayed messages, select the time period for viewing messages, or establish filters to limit the displayed messages.

Syslog Summary

This widget lists the Syslog messages received by the viewed node from monitored network devices over a specified period of time.