See detected candidates for configuration monitoring in Server Configuration Monitor (SCM)

SCM will automatically detect servers that have been added to the Orion Platform that might be eligible for monitoring one or more of the out-of-the-box profiles. You can view a list of candidate servers on the SCM Summary page, which can be found under My Dashboards.

The Candidates for Server Configuration Monitoring widget lists servers that might be eligible for configuration monitoring but do not have an agent, and servers that are eligible for monitoring each out-of-the-box profile. From there, you can push agents or assign the suggested profiles using the links provided. The Dismiss all link will stop those nodes from being suggested again.

Whether a node is eligible for configuration monitoring is determined in the following ways:

Suggested action Eligibility requirements
Push an agent Any node running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later.
Assign HW/SW inventory profiles Any node with AssetInventory enabled
Assign IIS profile Any node monitored by AppInsight for IIS, or another SAM app templated tagged as 'IIS'