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Orion reporting

Orion gives you the option of using built-in reports or creating custom reports. More than one hundred built-in reports are available in NPM. These reports allow you to access and distribute tabular and chart-based reports on a variety of information, such as top N utilization for interfaces, memory CPU, NetFlow top N, applications, inventory, compliance, node status, events, and virtual servers.

The Orion Report Writer is used for creating custom reports or for applying or modifying built-in reports. Report Writer allows the user to select report parameters, using the Report Writer GUI, or enter a complete SQL query. When the GUI is used, a SQL query is created in the background. This query can be viewed for all reports, but can only be edited in custom SQL reports. Both built-in reports and Report Writer-created reports are executed by querying the SolarWinds Platform database, giving unfettered access to any data stored in the database.

In Orion Platform 2020.2.6, the Report Writer tool is removed from the SolarWinds Platform. Migrate the reports to the web and use the web-based reports.