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Custom HTML

This topic applies to all SolarWinds Platform products.

Use HTML to create your own custom widget, for example to create a list of external web links.

Only administrators can customize the widget. Users without Administrator rights do not see the Edit button in the widget. See Define what users can access and do in the SolarWinds Platform.

Unsafe tags, such as <iframe> or <script> in your Custom HTML widgets are not executed, just the contents of the tags are shown in the widget in plain text.

  • The HTML resource sanitization feature restricting unsafe tags is enabled by default on fresh installations and on upgrades where no Custom HTML widgets were used in the UI.

  • If you had a Custom HTML widget in your SolarWinds Platform Web Console prior to the upgrade, the feature is not enabled and any tags are allowed in the widget.

  • If you are upgrading from 2020.2.5, the setting value (enabled/disabled) from Orion Platform 2020.2.5 is used after the upgrade.

    To enable HTML sanitization on upgrades to 2020.2.6, go to advanced settings, and select the HTMLResourceSanitizationEnabled box.

Customize the widget

  1. Click Edit.

  2. Change the Title and Subtitle.

  3. Provide the HTML code to generate your own custom widget.

    If you use HTTPS for the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, use HTTPS links. HTTP links are not supported.

    If a page you are adding to the SolarWinds Platform does not support asynchronous loading or does not work properly when loaded asynchronously, select the Use synchronous loading box.

  4. Click Submit to see the generated content in the widget.