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Assign API Pollers Wizard

This SolarWinds Platform topic applies only to SolarWinds SAM.

SAM includes prebuilt templates that you can use with the API Poller feature to capture metrics from external REST APIs in PaaS, IaaS, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Templates are available for a variety of APIs hosted by SolarWinds, Microsoft, and other vendors. For details, see the SAM API Poller Template Guide.

To access the Assign API Pollers Wizard:

  1. Navigate to the Node Details view for the node where you're assigning a template.
  2. In the Management widget, click API Poller Management > Assign.

The following details appear for each template:

  • Version: The current version of the template.
  • Requests: The number of API requests sent for this template.
  • Metrics: The number of metrics consumed by this template.
  • Description: Brief text about the template.

Available actions

  • Click Create Custom API Poller to add a standard API poller instead of assigning a template.
  • To assign a single template to a node, select the check box in a row. You can also:
    • Select the check box in the header to select or clear all check boxes on the page.
    • Click the drop-down icon next to the check box in the header to select all available templates, or only templates on the current page.
  • Click Next to provide Authorization details for the API poller.

For tips on locating Azure credentials such as Tenant IDs, see Find Microsoft Azure credentials.