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Create a Summary view and add widgets in NPM

Views are configurable pages of network information that can include maps, charts, summary lists, reports, events, and links to other resources. Summary views provide data about multiple objects. Detail views provide more information for a specific object.

This example shows how to create the New York IT Department Summary view and add the following resources, or widgets:

  • Active Alerts
  • Hardware Health Overview
  • Interfaces with High Percent Usage
  • Top 10 Nodes by Current Response Time
  • Custom Table
  • Map

Create the New York IT Summary view

  1. Log in to the Orion Web Console, and click Settings > All Settings.

  2. Click Add New View in the Views grouping.

  3. Name the view, and select the view type.

  4. Click Submit.

You have now created an empty view. The Customize view page opens automatically. Add resources that contain the information you want to see or immediately add the view to a dashboard.

Add resources, or widgets

  1. On the Customize page, click + next to the column that you want to add the resources, also known as widgets.

    To open the Customize view page, click Settings > All Settings > Manage Views. Select the view, and click Edit.

  2. Select resources in the middle pane, and click Add Selected Resources.

    You can limit offered resources by criteria in the Group by list, or search for a resource, or widget, in the Search box.

  3. Use the arrow icons next to the columns to move resources between columns.

  4. Click Done.

The view is now be populated with the widgets you selected.

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